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ORA Tour Stop – Sunset Turkey Shoot

November 9th, 2004 by Geoff Thomsen

The Turkey Shoot at Sunset Athletic Club is this weekend. I plan on shooting some matches on Saturday and Sunday, and the Men’s Open draw is looking pretty impressive.

This turned out to be a GREAT event with 23 top players in the Men’s Open division. The pictures from this event were all taken with a 15mm fisheye wide-angle lens, which allows the capture of a full person from as little as 6“ away. You will also notice the “fisheye distortion“ of the lens which makes a cool effect (IMO).

Turkey Shoot Draws
Oregon Racquetball Website
Turkey Shoot Photo Gallerey (all galleries published!)

Look for pictures of: Jimmy Lowe, Jason Samora, Dan Sheppick, Chad Westwood, Brad Hardy, Jamie Sumner, John Martin, Ryan Lindell, Dan Cramer, JP Olson, Tim Hebenton, Paul Reed, Tina Fortin, Artie Johnson

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