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Seedings Announced for 2006 World Racquetball Championships

July 23rd, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

The International Racquetball Federation has released the seedings for the 2006 IRF World Racquetball Championships in Santo Domingo. In the individual seedings for Women, the top three are USA, CAN, MEX for singles and doubles. On the Men’s side, the top three are USA, MEX, and CAN.

For Women’s team seedings, it goes USA, CAN, CHI; and for Men, CAN, USA, MEX.

I wasn’t aware the Canadian Men’s team was so strong? They mention something like “the Technical Director has the right to revise a players seeding if deemed appropriate”, so this might not be the final word. The Team Roster is still incomplete, so no word on how the competition is going to stack up on the top three seeded countries.

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