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2007 Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships

June 21st, 2007 by Geoff Thomsen

 The 2007 Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships kick off this week in Tempe, AZ!  ~250 juniors from around the country will come to compete in boys, girls, and doubles brackets segregated by age.  Many of last year’s champions are back to defend their titles, while every other player in the draw has their eye on a big upset.

The other big story is the TEAM title, which California stole from Oregon last year.  Oregon has held the crown for MANY years (10+ I *think*), but the competition from the golden state was too much.  Does Oregon have what it takes to win the title back, or are the new guns in town to stay a while?

Just in case you didn’t get a flight booked to Tempe to check out all the great action, our GREAT friends at www.racquetballonline.tv will be onsite to provide FREE LIVE VIDEO coverage of the matches on the main court.  Just stop by their site to get started!

Draws – http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/display/tourney.asp?TID=2093

Ore. USA (38)
Calif. USA (31)
Ohio USA (22)
Ariz. USA (20)
Fla. USA (14)
Wash. USA (11)
Mich. USA (10)
Minn. USA (10)
Colo. USA (9)
N.H. USA (8)
Va. USA (8)
Md. USA (7)
Wis. USA (7)
Utah USA (6)
Mass. USA (5)
N.M. USA (5)
Texas USA (5)
Idaho USA (4)
Ala. USA (3)
Conn. USA (3)
Ind. USA (3)
Mo. USA (3)
La. USA (3)
N.Y. USA (3)
Iowa USA (2)
Ill. USA (2)
Neb. USA (2)
Alaska USA (1)
Hawaii USA (1)
Miss. USA (1)
N.C. USA (1)
N.D. USA (1)
S.D. USA (1)

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