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2007 US OPEN Offcourt – Shawn Royster

February 27th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Shawn Royster takes a moment to pose for a shot at the 2008 US OPEN Racquetball Championships:

Shawn Royster

Shawn is an avid racquetball enthusiast, and also heads up Royster Productions – who is responsible for the majority of racquetball related video coverage around today.  He produces the US OPEN broadcasts for The Tennis Channel, DVDs for USA Racquetball, and a variety of other content for Ektelon, World Outdoor Racquetball, and others.  When not filming on the court, Shawn is busy with everything from music videos to event hosting (speaking of which, you can check him out MC’ing the USA Racquetball banquet in Houston this year).

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