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August 20th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

There’s a bunch of stuff in the queue I wanted to post here, but always seemed too short for a post but too long for a tweet.  So here is a quick summary post.

Rocky Carson

Just won the Men’s title at the 2008 World Racquetball Champs.  Also in 2007/2008, was the champion for 2008 National Doubles, 2008 National Singles, 2008 Outdoor Nationals, 2007 IRT World Championships, and the 2007 US OPEN. And a BUNCH of other Tier 1 IRT Pro Stops.  Nice work, Rocky (and nice website, by the way)!!

The Racquetball Blog

Evan Pritchard, of Racquetball Canada (assuming, correct me if I’m wrong, Evan), has started up his very own Racquetball Blog, The Racquetball Blog. He’s got some great coverage from the 2008 World Racquetball Championships, great commentary on Racquetball and the Olympics, and lots more.  I’d highly recommend checking it out, or better yet, just add it to your news feed.  Evan has covered every USA Racquetball US OPEN Championship I’ve been to, and I’ve worked with him on many occasions.  He’s got some great knowledge and insight on the world racquetball scene!

Racquetball on an Aircraft Carrier

Got this interesting email from Peggine Tellez, California State Racquetball (CSRA) President:

Again sorry to send this to everyone, but please pass it on to any armed service members you know.

SAVE THE DATE!!!  November 14 – 16, 2008



November 12 – 13, 2008:

We are in the early stages of producing a Pro Racquetball Exhibition onboard a LARGE DECK AIRCRAFT CARRIER !!  Watch as Racquetball history is made featuring some of the Top 10 Professional Racquetball players from the International Racquetball Tour, doing exhibitions, clinics, demonstrations & Play the Pro opportunities.

It is our intention to make this an exciting and fulfilling week dedicated to Racquetball in support of our Veterans (serving in our Armed Services now and in the past). We have been thrilled with the initial response from the racquetball and military communities.  As promised, we have some additional information regarding the All Military Racquetball National Championships.  We heard from several of you that it would be nice to include military retirees, so to that end, the event WILL BE OPENED to all active, reserve and retired military service personnel with the DD-214 Military Identification.

Please note that the tournament will have a limited number of entries allowed.  We are working on the figure and will communicate the number of players that we can accommodate in the days leading up to the opening of the electronic entry system. Note; we will only be accepting electronic entries verses the traditional paper-copies that could be either mailed or faxed in.

Another exciting addition to this tournament is that for the first time in history, (12th and 13th of November / Wednesday and Thursday) we will are in the initial planning stages to have an outdoor Racquetball Court in the hangar bay of a large deck aircraft carrier to give a demonstration / exhibition  with the top professionals in the sport today.  They will give a clinic to the sailors onboard, play a few games among themselves, and to have all of this streamed lived to reach all military bases throughout (even those overseas)!!!

We have had early indications from many folks who want to help us with financial/product assistance to make this a great event.  Keep the emails coming; we will be in touch with each of you to gather your support in providing a healthy diversion for our men and women in uniform.

As mentioned before, with the support and backing of the USRA, Moral, Welfare & Recreation (MWR), EKTELON and CSRA, this will be a racquetball event design specifically for all of the military forces competing against one another and for the glory of their branch of service.

There will be plenty of play with Men’s / Women’s Singles and Double and Mixed Doubles, especially since we will be using the Round Robin / Pool Play format for all participants except in the OPEN and ELITE divisions.  We have also made arrangements for lodging, where out of town players will be able to stay on base for no more than $30/night.  We really can’t do anything about flight arrangements, but hopefully coming from overseas duty stations (ie. Korea, Bahrain, Germany, etc), you will be able to catch a MAC flight to the States, and then find a cheap flight to San Diego.  Right now, all services really don’t have funding to cover this event, but hopefully the costs / registration fees won’t deter people from coming out and having a great time.  We highly recommend that you ask your command for NO COSTS / PERMISSIVE TAD orders, so you don’t burn your leave time up for this event.

Please be on the look out for additional entry information in about 1-2 weeks.  There will be online entry available for this event. Still in rough draft status.

We hope you will be able to join us for this is an event.  If there is anything we can do to get your here, please let me know.  LCDR Steven Harper (USN), out of San Diego, can be reached at:

e-mail:  militaryrball@pacbell.net

Unfortunately, they didn’t need a photographer :) I’m REALLY hoping they are planning on taking some photos, though!!!

Racquetball High Performance Camp Held At The USOC Training Complex & Lynmar Racquet Club

This sounds like a great week of racquetball! Start with some high peformance training, and end at the World Championships!

A perfect camp for all athletes!

Camp starts at 7pm on Thursday Sept. 4 in Colorado Springs and ends Tuesday Sept 9.

Checkout by 9am on the 10th.  Or you can plan to play or/and watch the IRT Motorola World Championships in Denver, CO September 11-14. (45 miles away) this grand slam event features the 4 glass wall court! (go to r2sports.com to register for the tournament only)

48 hours of competitive racquetball instruction

  • Racquetball Book, an Instructional DVD, Plus Your Own Personalized Instructional DVD, With Video Analysis
  • Individualized Training Plan
  • Video Analysis
  • Stroke Mechanics and Shot Selection
  • Personalized DVD
  • Footwork Analysis
  • Sports Psychology
  • Weight Training
  • Room and All Meals At The Great Usoc Village
  • Jo Shattuck , Dennis Fisher, Rhonda Rajsich , Mitch Williams, Andy Hawthorne—( Attendance Numbers Permitting)
  • Get A Peek Into The Elite Camp… See A 2 Minute Video at www.Racquetballacademy.Com
  • Evening lectures and legendary morning exercise

Lecture topics include “planning your workouts” with USA Racquetball Hall of Fame coach- Jim Winterton (camp director) and  lectures: “what it takes to make a champion.” “goal setting”, “& “visualization”

Do the math-this camp has the best instructors, best facilities, and best program for the best price! The best food ever,-train like an Olympic athlete at the USOC for less than $85 per day!

Camp cost: $495, (foreign athletes- without usa address) add $200
spaces are limited!!

Applications are available online at  www.usaracquetball.com,  (see programs & camps).

Questions? Ask heather fender at hfender@usra.org or camp director Jim Winterton coachwint1@aol.com. As soon as you sign up—you will begin receiving our famous “what to expect” emails, and enrollment information.

Send apps with $200 deposit to:

High Performance Camp USA Racquetball
1685 West Uintah, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

Call Heather Fender at 719-635-5396 to secure your place.

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