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Racquetball Trading Cards

August 26th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Russ Mannino was kind enough to share some his Racquetball Trading Cards.  He was even kind enough to share them 6 times ;) I really dig old school racquetball memorabilia, and think cards like these would be a great addition to the USA Racquetball Museum. Based on the description below, I’m not sure whether these are for sale through Russ’ online store, or if he is just showing off some cool stuff from his collection.

Some of your favorite players before they became famous. This limited edition was printed in 1992 and only forty eight of each player were made.

Ruben Gonzalez…..Sudsy Monchik…..Jason Mannino…..Malia Bailey…..
Chris Cole…..Elkova Icenogle…..Eric Storey…..John Ellis…..Kaye Kuhfeld
Tim Sweeney…..James Floyd…..James Mulcock…..

PLUS, OLYMPIC TEAMS THAT INCLUDE, Allen Engel, Heather Dunn, Sudsy Monchik, James Mulcock,
Rusty and Elkova Icenogle, Eric Muller, Doug Ganim, Tim Sweeney, Chris Cole, Malia Bailey, Jackie Paraiso, Mike Bronfield, Robin Levine and Michelle Gould.


Racquetball Trading Card - Elkova Icenogle Racquetball Trading Card - James Floyd

Racquetball Trading Card - Chris Cole Racquetball Trading Card - US Olympic Team - 1991

Racquetball Trading Card - Timothy Sweeney Racquetball Trading Card - Ruben Gonzalez

Racquetball Trading Card - Ruben Gonzalez2

Racquetball Trading Card - Sudsy Monchik

Racquetball Trading Card - Malia Bailey Racquetball Trading Card - Kaye Kuhfeld

Racquetball Trading Card - Jr. Olympic Team 1991 Racquetball Trading Card - Jason Mannino Sudsy Monchik

Racquetball Trading Card - Jason Mannino Racquetball Trading Card - James Mulcock

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