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USA Racquetball Museum

USA Racquetball Museum

WOW. Some cool stuff going back to the early days on display here in Houston. Look for a bunch of official shots soon!

May 21st, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Off to Nationals

Off to Nationals

Little family emergency made for a stressful night/morning, but I’m now at the gate ready to board for Houston. Hopefully Twitter doesn’t have another big outage as I plan to provide frequent updates from the event!

2 comments May 21st, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

2008 USA Racquetball National Singles Championships – Info

USA Racquetball Time is fast approaching for the 2008 USA Racquetball National Singles Championships.  This is the last big adult national level event of the year, and winners of the National’s Qualifier divisions will be appointed to the USA Racquetball National Team to compete at the 2008 World Racquetball Championships.

Dates: May 21-26th, 2008
Location: Downtown YMCA / Hyatt Regency, Houston, TX
Entry Deadline: WEDNESDAY, MAY 7th

Quick Links:

Evening Events:

  • Wednesday – Party in the Park Bar (Hyatt)
  • Thursday
    • Ladies Night Out! (Hyatt)
    • Retro Bingo and 70′s Costume Contest (bring your best 70s outfit!!) – Sponsored by Aflac
  • Friday – Texas Hold’em Tournament /Head Penn American Idol Contest (Hyatt)
  • Saturday – USA Racquetball Banquet “Celebration: The History of Racquetball” (Hyatt)
  • Sunday – Farewell in the Bar (Hyatt)

update 5/3: added bingo & 70′s costume contest info

May 1st, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Photos – 2008 NW Regionals

I was able to spend a few hours last weekend at the 2008 USA Racquetball NW Regional Championships at Cascade Athletic Club in Gresham, OR. This was a huge event, featuring over 250 participants from around the Pacific Northwest. The only regional qualifier larger in size was the 2008 IRT Pro Nationals with 305 entrants, which was also a regional qualifier for the Chicago area. There were well over 50 people in just the men’s pro division, and MANY people who flew in from around the US to participate – which, in my opinion, really goes to show just how big the event in Oregon was.

IMG_3097 IMG_3064

IMG_3179 IMG_3446

Rocky Carson made a guest appearance on Saturday of the event, to do a pro clinic followed by a few “play the pro” matches. The crowd seemed to be very impressed that the current #1 pro in the world was there to share some racquetball insight.


Be sure to check the galleries for shots of the following players: Jimmy Lowe, Chad Westwood, Taylor Knoth, Dan Darling, Dave Azuma, Grant Stalley, David Laforest, Joey Lakowske, Jeremy White

April 27th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

2008 Regional Qualifiers Start

The 2008 USA Racquetball Regional qualifying events have started!  There are 13 events throughout the US which serve as qualifiers for the National Singles Championships, which are May 21st – 26th in Houston, TX.  Below is a list of the participants in each region.  Chicago comes in at the #1 spot, however, the numbers are somewhat higher here as this is also the second biggest IRT stop of the year – IRT Pro Nationals.  Oregon comes in at a close second (just a few entries short, without a single Pro!).  I believe Mike Boatman will be covering the action in Chicago, and I plan to attend the Oregon event for at least a day to capture some action in the semis.  If anyone gets the final numbers for Missouri, leave a comment below so I can update the info.

  • Chicago (also Men’s Pro Nationals)- 252
  • Oregon – 246
  • Maryland – 136
  • Florida – 130
  • California – 116
  • Georgia – 110
  • Ohio Regional – 101
  • Louisiana (also Women’s Pro Nationals) – 94
  • Kansas – 78
  • New York – 37
  • Texas – 37
  • New Hampshire – 30
  • Missouri

1 comment April 15th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Cure Clinics in Denver with Jo Shattuck

If you happen to be in Denver on Monday, April 7th, check out the clinic by Jo Shattuck, info below!

Cure Clinics at Lonetree Rec Center on Monday, April 7th with Jo Shattuck.

The “Cure Clinics” benefiting Komen Foundation at Lonetree is now open for anyone to sign up. Here the link and info again: Feel free to promote to your players. Thanks!

Sign up at this link:


The 6:00 pm clinic, called “The 37 secrets of the Pro Tour,” will appeal to our more experienced players, although anyone can attend. Here’s the details.

The “37 Secrets of the Pro Tour” is a collection of tips, techniques and strategies used by both men and women on the pro tours during competition. Learn why they do what they do. This clinic will give the competitive player a new set of tools. Its stuff you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

The 7:00pm clinic, called “The Science of Stroke Mechanics,” covers fundamental elements of good racquetball play.

The ‘Science of Stroke Mechanics’ teaches the principles behind proper strokes. Why ‘this’ way works, why ‘that’ way doesn’t. It covers how to practice, and how NOT to practice your strokes. It cover the who, what, where, when and why your stokes should change depending on your game. It will help you to be more consistent AND to understand why.

After the clinics, Play the Pro! Jo will play 7 point games for $10, with the entire proceeds going to the Komen Foundation. Payment will be made at time of play.

The courts at Lone Tree Recreation Center are blocked out from 5:00pm-9:00pm. If you plan to attend the 6:00pm clinic, you can show at 5:00pm to warmup and play a few five point pickup games. If you plan to attend the 7:00pm clinic, you can show at 6:00pm and warmup on the unused court.

Normal admission fees apply for entry to LTRC ($7 pay at the door). The fee for the clinic is $20-prepayment required. A portion of the clinic fees will go to the Susan B. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

Jo Shattuck: BIO- Currently ranked in the top ten on the WPRO Tour, Jo Shatuck specializes in one-on-one private coaching. Her instruction is not a canned, one size fits all approach, like some others. Sessions are designed to fit a players skill, body type, personality, and natural strengths and weaknesses. Along with her team…a movement consultant, strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, nutritionist and mental coaches, she will build a long term plan for you according to your goals. Jo competes full time on the Tour, so when she shares her experiences, they are relevant today. She has 20 years of experience coaching all levels from novice to Pro. Her current WPRO world rank is #9 on the WPRO Tour.

She is on staff at the USAR High Performance Elite Camp held at the Olympic Training Center in CO Springs; she is a certifying instructor for the American Professional Racquetball Organization, and a coaching clinician for the International Racquetball Pro Organization. Her coaching has been influenced by some of the best in the game, including Jim Winterton, Fran Davis, & Charlie Brumfield.

April 4th, 2008 by Adam Katz

Collegiate Racquetball Scholarships Available!

USA Racquetball has posted scholarship information for 2008-2009 collegiate players. Graduating high school seniors as well as current undergrads are eligible to apply by the June 15th deadline.  The application requires information about grades, awards / certifications / accomplishments in racquetball, academic references, and optionally financial need.  This looks like an EXCELLENT opportunity for any racquetball player attending college next year!! From www.usaracquetball.com:

Graduating high school seniors and college undergraduates can apply for competitive USAR scholarships each year (by the deadline of June 15). Funding for the program is underwritten by USAR members, the National Masters Racquetball Association and the Women’s Senior Masters Racquetball Association through tax deductible donations to the scholarship fund. Since the program’s inception a total of 71 awards – totaling $37,250.00 — have been awarded to aspiring collegiate athletes. Applicants must be current USAR members at the time of applying for consideration of an award. All applications received by the deadline are reviewed by the scholarship committee, which is comprised of current members of the USAR Board of Directors. Annual awards are disbursed in the Fall of the application year. You may download the application online or contact the USAR for more information.

2008-2009 Scholarship Application

USA Racquetball Intercollegiate Site (site down?)

How to start a Collegiate Racquetball Team (site down?)

Does anyone have additional information about current collegiate racquetball programs?  I know there are several universities in the U.S. that feature competitive racquetball programs, but I have no idea if any of them also offer athletic scholarships for racquetball players.  Please leave any info in the comments!


2008 USA Racquetball Intercollegiate College Participants

Arizona State University Tempe, AZ – 12
Baldwin Wallace College Berea, OH - 11
Belview University - Omaha, NE – 3
Brigham Young University - Provo, UT – 12
Bryant University Smithfield Rhode Island – 12
California Un. Sacremento Sacremento CA – 3
Clarkson University, Potsdam NY – 8
Colorado State University, Pueblo, CO – 6
Hesket Center Wichita State Wichita Kansas – 1
Iowa State Un. Ames IA – 8
Missouri State University, Springfield MO – 4
Ohio State University Columbus Ohio – 7
Oregon State Univ. Corvallis OR – 12
Penn State Un University Park Pennsylvania – 11
Renesselaer Polytecnic Institute Troy NY – 7
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale IL – 3
Springfield College – Springfield, MA – 6
St John’s University Queens New York – 1
SUNY Binghamton Binghamton NY – 2
Texas A&m University College Station TX – 8
University of California, Berkley, CA – 4
Umass Lowell Lowell Massachusetts – 6
University of Florida Gainsville FL – 5
University of New Mexico Albuquerque NM – 14
University of Wisconsin Madison WI – 3
University of Oskosh, Green Bay, WI – 1
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO – 7
University of Missouri – Columbia Columbia MO – 10
University of Texas Austin TX – 10
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Al Tuscaloosa AL – 10
University Of Colorado Boulder CO – 5
University Of Denver Denver Colorado – 6
University Of Houston Houston TX – 3
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL – 6
University Of Kansas Lawrence Kansas – 1
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR – 8
University Of Utah Salt Lake City Utah – 3
University Of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Milwaukee Wisconsin – 3
US Air Force Academy Colorado Springs Colorado – 5
US Military Academy West Point New York – 12
Utah State Un Logan UT – 12
Utah Valley State College Orem UT – 5

March 23rd, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

2008 PARC Pan Am Racquetball Championships

The 21st 2008 PARC Pan Am Racquetball Championships is well underway in San Jose, Costa Rica (!!).  I’m not sure why I didn’t realize this event had started already, but competition in the pool play has finished, and athletes are now competing in the playoff brackets.  There are some big names representing various countries, including many top players from the IRT and WPRO.

Tournament quick links:

March 19th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

21st USA Racquetball National High School Championships Starts

After seeing some USA Racquetball staff members in town on Monday, I remembered that the USA Racquetball High School Nationals was happening this weekend.  The draws are still unavailable (weird since matches are already concluding), but the the link to the tournament on R2Sports is here.  When checking out the participants, I was quickly reminded of Oregon’s fantastic Junior / High School program.  Out of 409 participants, Oregon has 297!!

Oregon – 297
Missouri – 73
New Mexico – 13
Utah – 8
Illinois – 4
Ohio – 3
Massachusetts – 2
Indiana – 1
Alaska – 1
Mississippi – 1
North Carolina – 1
Texas – 1
Washington – 1

February 27th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

2008 National Doubles – No Double Donut!

Hope all is well in Tempe, AZ this weekend. This tournament is the first National Event I’ve missed in over 4 years! I had too much going on with family, work, and school to make the trip. It looks like the “full crowd” is back in the US Team qualifier draws for men and women – I’m sure there will be some great matches. I’d encourage anyone else not in Tempe this weekend to check out http://www.racquetballonline.tv . They are doing live video streaming so everyone can watch some great doubles matches over the next few days.

February 14th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen


Lots of racquetball action coming up in the days and weeks ahead. First, the Choice Hotels US OPEN from November 2007 starts airing with Quarterfinal #1 tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 6) at 9pm Eastern Time on the Tennis Channel. If you get the Tennis Channel, check it out!

Update: The Tennis Channel has revised their scheduling and the Choice Hotels US OPEN will not air tonight as previously reported. The first installment is now scheduled to air on Wed. Feb 20 at 9pm Eastern Time. Check out the following link to better track the schedule on the Tennis Channel.


Then the WPRO is in Tempe, AZ for the Ektelon Fireball Rollout this coming weekend Feb 7-10. You can follow the draws at the following link:


The following weekend will be the USAR National Doubles Championships also in Tempe, AZ. You can follow all the action at the following link:


Also, Racquetballonline.tv will be there showing all the best matches…check them out at:


As a reminder, Jacqueline Paraiso and Aimee Ruiz are the defending champions in the Women’s Qualifying Division and there is plenty of stiff competition as they try to repeat. Current WPRO #1 Rhonda Rajsich will team with Janel Tisinger once again, WPRO #2 Cheryl Gudinas Holmes will team with former Junior Team member, Shannon Inglesby, Kristin Walsh and Kim Russell-Walselenchuk will also be in the hunt.

The Men’s Qualifying Division has some interesting pairings as the defending champions, Ben Croft and Mitch Williams will split up and play with their usual partners, Woody Clouse and Jason Thoerner, respectively. It’ll be interesting to see how the seedings play out as 2006 champions, Rocky Carson and Jack Huczek return looking to regain the crown. Also in the fray will be John Ellis along with Junior Team Member Jose Rojas, fresh off his gold-silver performance at Junior Worlds in the 16s and 18s respectively.

Not playing in the Qualifying division, but still returning to competitive play will be one of the legends of the sport as Cliff Swain has entered the Men’s 40s and the Mixed Open.

Closing out a very busy February, the IRT will be at the Washington Athletic Club for the Seattle Open Feb 21-24, check out their website for further information at:


The USAR Junior Nationals will run June 25-29 at the Big C Athletic Club in Concord, CA. At the current time, I am uncertain of my attendance as I am trying to go to Beijing this coming August for the Summer Olympics.

Team Colorado will be raffling off a framed jersey autographed by one of the following Colorado sports players: Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, or Joe Sakic in order to help pay for the trip out to Junior Nationals. At the current time, I am not sure which jersey will be made for raffle as I won’t be getting those until early March during a dinner at the Pepsi Center. Once details are finalized I will let everyone know how they can obtain tickets.

That’s all for now.

February 5th, 2008 by Adam Katz

Photos – 2007 National Doubles

After a long, long, long wait .. the photos from the 2007 National Doubles Championships are FINALLY online. I had some major stuff hit my schedule recently, and unfortunately, updating double donut fell to the bottom of the list. Things are slowing coming around, and I should have more content on here shortly.

Up next: 2007 Portland Open Turkey Shoot Racquetball Championships
Up after that: 2007 US OPEN Racquetball Championships

For now: Gallery – 2007 National Doubles Racquetball Championships

December 11th, 2007 by Geoff Thomsen

IRF Junior Worlds – Draws

If you’d like to follow the draws online, they will be available at the following link:


December 1st, 2007 by Adam Katz

IRF Junior Worlds

Hello everyone,

The US Junior National Team is now less than 2 weeks away from their trip down to Bolivia and the IRF Junior World Racquetball Championships. So I decided to remind everyone who will be going to represent the US at this very prestigious tournament.

This year’s team is led by Defending 18s World Champion, Michelle Key from Arizona. Michelle ended a couple of years of frustration last year with an absolutely dominating performance at both Junior Nationals and Junior Worlds, and continued that momentum earlier this summer defending her National Title in the Girls 18s. The other singles spot belongs to Indiana’s Sharon Jackson, who moved up from the 16s and made an immediate impact by reaching the finals last summer in Tempe, AZ at Junior Nationals. Based on last year’s results, Michelle should be the top seed with Mexico’s Paola Longoria taking the second seed position (this is entirely conjecture on my part, so please don’t hold me to it). If that does come to pass, then we can expect an early meeting in the single elimination draw between Longoria and Jackson…these young ladies battled for the singles title in the 16s last year at Worlds with Longoria taking the title in 2 very tough games.

The doubles team is Kara Mazur of Connecticut and Samantha McGuffey of Ohio. They defended their national title this past summer at Junior Nationals and now look to go a step further than last year when they were the beaten finalists at Junior Worlds, losing a very tough tiebreaker match with the Mexican team…sorry, cannot recall which players made up that Mexican team last year.

In the Girls 16s, Sheryl Lotts of Ohio and Danielle Key of Arizona will be pulling double duty as they qualified in both singles and doubles at Junior Nationals. Both of these young ladies possess strong athletic ability, and they will need it in the high altitude of Bolivia. Based on last year’s results, Sheryl should be the second seed, which will then put Danielle into an early match up with a top seeded Mexican girl, again I have no idea who that might be.

In the Girls 14s, there is some very serious talent in this division, and Aubrey O’Brien of California will be looking to avenge last year’s final defeat against Ecuador’s Veronica Sotomayor. Along with Aubrey in the singles is another Californian in Devon Pimentelli, who like Sharon Jackson in the 18s, impressed with a finals appearance in her first year in the 14s this past summer at Junior Nationals. Based on last year, Aubrey should be the second seed which means that Devon will get the first crack at Veronica’s crown in the single elimination part of the tournament. I haven’t seen Devon play since Junior Nationals, but watching both Aubrey and Veronica at the recent Choice Hotels US OPEN in Memphis last month, I would dare to suggest that they will meet once again in the final. If you recall, they had an epic battle last year with Veronica winning 11-9 in the breaker. If you’d like to see that match again, it is available at: http://www.racquetballonline.tv just log in and click on the IRF tab.

Aubrey will be pulling double duty in this one too, as she will team with Ohio’s Lily Berry in the doubles. I spoke briefly with Aubrey last month in Memphis and she is definitely focused on 2 gold medals to go along with the 3 she won at Junior Nationals.

In the Boys 18s, two California boys will be looking to regain US dominance in this division. Jose Rojas and Ishmael Aldana will definitely give it everything they have. They split matches at Junior Nationals and Junior Worlds last year, but this past summer, Jose was trying to match a feat accomplished only by Adrienne Fisher and Jack Huczek previously, that being wins in the 18s and 16s at the same Junior Nationals. Jose won this year’s final battle with Ishmael ending a truly dominating performance at Junior Nationals and will now try to bring David Ortega’s junior career to an unhappy end. The final in the Boy’s 18s last year at Worlds was an all Mexican event, so my guess is that Jose will be in the lower half with Ishmael in the upper half of the draw this year.

In the doubles, Ishmael will pull double duty, and this time without Jose. They have been partners for many years, but they decided that they would split up for the good of the team and Danny Lavely of Ohio will partner Ishmael this year. They played extremely well at Junior Nationals and will try to add a World title in a couple of weeks.

In the Boys 16s, Jose will attempt to win this division as well. Based on last year’s results, where he lost that final to Ishmael, he should be the top seed. The other singles spot belongs to Oregon’s Taylor Knoth, who followed up a solid showing and win at High School Nationals with a run to the finals in his first year in the 16s.

The Doubles team will be Taylor teaming with his long time partner, Jake Bredenbeck of Minnesota. They are a very solid team and should definitely be in the hunt down in Bolivia this year.

In the Boys 14s, the singles players will be pulling double duty as California’s Marko Rojas and Oregon’s Dylan Reid will both be in the hunt in the singles and will team together for the first time in doubles. Marko got a huge monkey off his back last summer at Junior Nationals when he finally beat Louisiana’s Joseph Lee in singles, and followed that up with another battle with Dylan in the finals to win the National Title, and he looks to add at least one World Title to his racquetball resume. His teaming with Dylan should make a very interesting, and tough doubles team.

On the Espirit Cup side, I have to give a special hand and say thank you to all of these players and parents that will be making the trip. Their commitment to this great sport should never be questioned.

Hollee Hungerford of Oregon will be the sole US hope in the Girls 12s. Hollee had a good showing at Junior Nationals with a semifinal appearance in the singles to go along with a National Title in Doubles in the Girls 12s. Unfortunately, her doubles partner, Sabrina Viscuso of California was unable to make the trip. Hollee is all heart on the court so I know she will be in every match down there.

In the Girls 10s, Erika Manilla of Colorado and Jordan Cooperrider of Florida will be playing in the singles…and I’m guessing that they will team up in the doubles as well. These young ladies squared off in the 8s final at last summer’s Junior Nationals, with Erika winning a very tough match. Erika did manage to get to the finals in the 10s as well, and has been playing some very solid racquetball lately.

In the Boy’s 12s, Zach Wertz of Louisiana and Sam Reid of Oregon will be point earners in the singles…and another guess that they will play doubles as well. The doubles team, however, will be Adam Manilla of Colorado and Sean Cooperrider of Florida. Zach managed to win the National Title in singles last summer with a very solid tournament that included a very tough final match with Sam. In the doubles, Adam and Sean kept Sam away from the gold as they beat Sam and his partner, John Lindsay of Oregon in a very tough tiebreaker match. Of course, both players then took it out on A dam in singles as Sam won their semifinal and then John took the third place match 11-10 in singles.

Adam is currently competing in the Colorado State Doubles Championships with his father, so he is getting plenty of good practice for this one.

So those are the players, the coaches that will also be making this trip are:

Kelley Beane – New Hampshire, is the head coach looking to regain the World Cup after a long absence from US possession.

Cheryl Gudinas Holmes – Illinois. Known for her incredible focus, she should be a very steady influence on this team.

Shane Wood – Massachusetts. Known for his strategy on court, he just knows how to win.

Andy Pitock – Illinois…I think. Always good for a quote when I need one and a strong proponent of physical conditioning.

Jen Meyer – Colorado. Gets to handle the 12s and 10s mostly on her own and always up to the challenge. She will have some assistance this year from Colorado’s Anthony Herrera who is currently playing his first full season on the IRT Tour and Ohio’s Conlon Berry who is making the trip but will not be playing.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I will try to keep everyone updated during the course of the event and just want to remind everyone that Angela and Pablo from racquetballonline.tv will be there with their camera so please check it out.

December 1st, 2007 by Adam Katz

2007 US OPEN – IRT Final

By the time Rocky and Jack took to the court, the capacity crowd at the Racquet Club of Memphis had been treated to some absolutely fantastic racquetball.  First, by Ruben and Woody in the CPRT Finals, won by Ruben in 5, then by Rhonda and Cheryl in the WPRO finals.  So Rocky and Jack had a lot to live up to as they entered the stadium court at the 12th Choice Hotels US OPEN.  Luckily, they didn’t disappoint.

Rocky came out on fire and simply could not miss.  Most people around me were saying that he was “in the zone” and I would heartily agree.  While Jack was playing well, he simply couldn’t keep up with Rocky in the first game and the 11-3 scoreline is both a testament to how well Rocky played and how tough a competitor Jack is…the fact that he was able to score any points with the way Rocky was hitting proves that Jack is truly worthy of his Number 1 ranking.

Further proof was delivered in the second game.  The crowd was definitely feeling a Rocky sweep after that first game, but Jack refused to allow that to happen.  He changed things up and kept attacking Rocky every chance he got.  Although Rocky was still playing very solidly, Jack just refused to lose this game.  They were together throughout until Jack closed it late to tie things up 11-7 to Jack.

Now the crowd decided it would be best to settle in and just enjoy the moment.  Getting riled up for the TV Cameras seemed to have pumped up both of the competitors as they were definitely playing some amazing racquetball.

As the third game started, it was pretty obvious that both players were going to try and impose their will on this game in order to get the 2-1 lead and obtain the better odds of clinching the title and having their name etched on the Champions Cup of the Choice Hotels US OPEN.  Points seemed very hard to come by as both players spent a lot of time diving and hitting to the ceiling to keep the ball in play.  When the dust settled, though, Rocky had strung together enough at the end to squeak out the game 11-8.

At this point, Rocky could sense his time was coming.  However, Jack has earned that number 1 ranking and he wasn’t about to potentially give it up without a major fight.  Both players traded points early in the game until Rocky went on a run that would bring him to the verge of the title.  He got the score to 10-5 and then he stalled…or more appropriately, Jack really turned his own game up.  Rocky served for the match at least 6 different times, but at the same time, he only gave up one more point himself during this long stretch of time.  Rocky did have one moment when he thought that he had finally ended it with a dive in the right side front court, but side Referee, Andy Hawthorne called it two bounces and so the celebration was postponed.  Each time Rocky stepped into the service box, the crowd started chanting, “Rocky, Rocky” so when he finally ended things it was only natural that the theme song from the movie would boom out in the stadi um court area.

As to my earlier report on the women’s final, I did see Rhonda as I was leaving the club for the airport and she mentioned that on that tough play in the 3rd game, when she hit Cheryl on her backswing, it threw her off quite a bit and after she had hit the ball, her own racqet came up and caught her in the nose.  All I can say is that it was very bloody.

This concludes my Choice Hotels US OPEN experience.

The US Junior Team heads to Cochabamba, Bolivia for the IRF Junior Worlds in about 3 weeks.  A few of the team members made the trip to Memphis and they all appear very eager to get down there and start playing.  I will do the best I can to get updates out to everyone as I receive word from those that will be there.

Next up for me, potentially, will be National Doubles in February in Tempe, AZ.  Still not 100% certain, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I just got home, and I haven’t had a chance to upload the pictures that I did take from my camera and won’t be doing that tonight.  When I have, I will send some out to everyone…I am not a Geoff Thomsen or Mike Boatman by any means, so please keep that in mind.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving this coming week!

2 comments November 19th, 2007 by Adam Katz

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