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2008 WOR Ektelon Outdoor Racquetball Championships – Event Info

2008 WOR Ektelon Outdoor Racquetball Championships
July 10th-13th, 2008 
Marina Park
15871 Graham Street
Huntington Beach, SoCal

Entry Deadline: Saturday July 5th, 2008



  • Video Coverage: none
  • Photo Coverage: none

Press Release:

The wait is finally over!!!!!

World outdoor racquetball is pleased to present the 2008 WOR-Ektelon Championships

date: Thursday July 10 through Sunday July 13

location: marina park,
15871 graham street,
Huntington beach, California.

This will be outdoor racquetball’s grandest event in history, this year’s championship’s will feature exciting new divisions, divisional formats, great hospitality, recently resurface courts, and much, much more.
So don’t miss out. Sign-up’s start immediately.

If you have any questions you may contact either John Ellis: (206) 969-4497 (ellistyle@comcast.net) Allan Kazem (714) 504-4781 (allan@worldoutdoorracquetball.com )

Please feel free to leave additional info in the comments!

June 25th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

2007 WOR – Ektelon Outdoor Nationals

As the season for indoor racquetball has come to a close, anticipation is only building for the largest event on the outdoor scene – the 2007 WOR – Ektelon Outdoor Racquetball Championships.  These outdoor events continue to gain momentum as many of the top athletes from the indoor game are discovering the “fun in the sun”.  

2007 WOR – Ektelon Championships
Marina Community Park - Huntington Beach, CA USA
(7/12/2007 - 7/15/2007)
Online entries must be made by 
Tuesday 7/3/2007 by 6:00 PM.

Sign-up here!

WOR website

Entry Deadlines:
Please enter Online
Mail entries must be postmarked no later than Tuesday 7/3/2007. Please mail entries to 32 Risero Drive, Mission Viejo, California 92692. Make check payable to: Opus Consulting.
Online entries must be made by Tuesday  7/3/2007 by 6:00 PM.

Starting Times:
Please check start times online. Start times for first round match(s) will be available after 8:00 PM  Tuesday 7/10/2007. Call 714.504.4781 if you don’t have internet access. Play starts at 12:00 PM on Thursday 7/12/2007. Tournament Director(s), Allan Kazem, reserve the right to combine or cancel any divisions due to insufficient amount of entries.
Time Zone: Pacific Time (PST)

Tournament Director(s):
Allan Kazem reserve(s) the right to combine or cancel any division due to insufficient entries.


This is a WOR-Sanctioned. You must be a WOR Member to participate

Age Requirement
For age division competition, players must meet the proper age requirement as of the first day of the event.


100% Prior to Entry Deadline. No Refunds After Draws Are Completed


Complimentary Food and Drinks for all participants

Pro Division Seeding for top 12 to be based upon WOR ranking points

ACE Racquet Service by Roland Grassl available all weekend

30-Minutes Prior to Match. 15-minute Forfeiture rule will be in effect.

All winners of must referee or risk foreiture of next match. No Exceptions.

Tournament Director reserves the right to cancel or combine any division.

Type of format for each division will be determined based upon the number of participants in each event.

June 23rd, 2007 by Geoff Thomsen

Rocky Carson Signs with Ektelon

Ektelon finally announced that their new top male player is officially Rocky Carson.  After Kane left, Ektelon had some big some shoes to fill with a new title athlete on the Men’s side, and many speculated Rocky would be the ideal fit as a top ranked indoor AND outdoor player.  Rocky has been making some huge waves on three major racquetball tours (IRT, USA Racquetball, and WOR), and has won National Singles, National Doubles, WOR Outdoor Nationals.  He was also the number two ranked player in the world prior to the US Open (where his raw talent and athleticism allowed him a walk to the finals without dropping a single game).

I think this a great move for both Ektelon and Rocky Carson.  Ektelon needs someone to drive racquetball initiatives through their many channels (indoor, outdoor, junior, pro, national amateur), and Rocky has a good fit in every single one of them.  Rocky will benefit by being placed on a pedestal by his title sponsor, rather than having to share the thrown with several top ranked players (as he did with Head).

There has also been some raging debate on the internet as to Ektelon’s choice of words in the press release (“four-year hiatus”).  To me it seems pretty clear that Ektelon was laying some foundation to the fact that Rocky had been a long time Ektelon player, switched to another company for four years, and is now back for good.  Not sure why everyone is so “upset”. (??)

Any dibs as to which 03 racquet Rocky will use?  I think the 03 Black is a pretty clear choice for his power game ..

Official Release:

Bordentown, NJ, Dec. 14, 2006 – Racquetball champion Rocky Carson has re-signed a long-term endorsement deal with Ektelon after a four-year hiatus. The new deal with Ektelon will allow Carson to pick up an O3 racquet this year and play with the company’s entire line of racquetball products.

Carson, nicknamed the “California Kid” by his peers, entered the sport as one of the top juniors ever to play the game. Carson began his professional career with Ektelon at age 15. He is recognized as the top outdoor player in the world, dominating the outdoor circuit during the past three years and winning nearly every major tournament in the sport including the Ektelon/WOR Championships two of the past three years. Carson is the only male player in the sport to win the national indoor singles and doubles championship and the national outdoor singles championship in the same year.

“Right now, I am living my life-long dream,” said Carson. “My goal from the first time I stepped onto the court has been to become the best player in the sport, and I believe Ektelon’s great product line will take my game to the next level. I am very impressed by Ektelon’s innovative vision to grow the sport, and I plan to be involved with the company long after my pro career has ended.”

Only 27-years old, Carson began the 2006 season ranked No. 6 on the IRT Tour, but rose quickly to No. 3, attributing his success to playing outdoors. He went on to become the 2006 National Singles and Doubles Champion, which qualified him for the top spot on the U.S. National Team. “Rocky’s success on indoor and outdoor courts ties perfectly to one of our key brand initiatives – to grow the sport through outdoor events,” said Ektelon General Manager Scott Winters. “Ektelon plans to develop more youth program initiatives around Rocky’s experience. We feel that Rocky is the most marketable player on the tour, and we have big plans for him, which will be announced later this year.”

“Rocky is the hottest player in the sport right now, and we can’t wait until he gets an Ektelon O3 racquet in his hands,” said Andy Roberts, Pro Player Director at Ektelon. “Rocky is the perfect fit for our pro team, which includes many of the top players who are all doing great things on and off the court. Our goal is to help Rocky achieve his goals and help to make him the most visible and influential racquetball player in the sport.” Carson lives in Ladera Ranch, Calif. with his wife and two children.

January 6th, 2007 by Geoff Thomsen

WOR Strikes Five Year Agreement with Pro Kennex and Ektelon

In what looks like a GREAT move for outdoor racquetball, WOR has signed a five year agreement with Ektelon and Pro Kennex.  The players should benefit from a more standardized ranking system, as well as the addition of the Pro Kennex US Open and World Doubles Championships to the long standing Ektelon WOR Singles Championships.

Anyone need some photos? ;)



World Outdoor Racquetball, Inc announced today a five (5) year working agreement with outdoor industry leaders Ektelon and Pro Kennex to jointly promote and grow WOR and outdoor racquetball.

The agreement is highlighted by the introduction of the WOR Grand Slam, a series of three (3) major events throughout each outdoor season including the Ektelon WOR Championships, the Pro Kennex US Open, and the World Doubles Championships. The WOR Championships will continue its thirty year tradition in Southern California, the World Doubles will be held in Florida, and the US Open will move yearly to outdoor hotbeds throughout the United States. “We are very excited to have both Ektelon and Pro Kennex working directly with WOR for the good of the outdoor game,” commented WOR Executive Director Hank Marcus. “Both of these companies are recognized throughout the outdoor game as pioneers”.

The agreement also calls for unprecedented growth in the number of WOR sanctioned events nationwide, including the addition of a state ranking system along with WOR’s existing national rankings. “Ektelon has always seen the potential and excitement the outdoor game brings to the sport and we are proud to have been the company who stepped up and established WOR three years ago.” “We welcome Pro Kennex and look forward to working together in this effort to introduce racquetball to the general public via the outdoor game” said Scott Winters, General Manager of Indoor Court Sports. In addition, the WOR website will be upgraded with new information from both companies sites and be the exclusive site for all things outdoor. To insure the continued growth and success of outdoor an Outdoor Council will be formed including a representative from WOR, Ektelon, and Pro Kennex. “I’ve always believed in the potential of Outdoor Racquetball to expand participation, providing exposure to players that would not otherwise have picked up a racquet. This unique collaboration between WOR, ProKennex and Ektelon promises to unlock that potential and give the gift of racquetball to the masses.” commented Mike Martinez, Vice President of Fall Sports.

WOR was established in 2004 to organize, promote, and grow the game of outdoor racquetball. For more information concerning WOR or outdoor racquetball: www.worldoutdoorracquetball.com

October 13th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

2006 WOR Nationals Slideshow

It looks like Mark Naylor (? – please correct me if I’m wrong here) has been hard at work creating another great photo slideshow – action from the 2006 WOR National Outdoor Racquetball Championships. Great to see many of the top pros from the IRT and WPRO crossing over to this new breed of racquetball. If anyone knows of any outdoor courts in Oregon, drop me a line!!

Click here to launch the slideshow! (Quicktime required)

World Outdoor Racquetball Home

2 comments July 24th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

Faces of Outdoor

A photographer called “naylor” has taken some GREAT player portraits during the Outdoor Racquetball Nationals! He/she obviously knows his/her way around a camera! Below you’ll find a link to the full Quicktime slideshow, and also a few grabs as a preview. You may recognize a few people, even if you don’t play outdoor ;)

“Faces of Outdoor”, fotos by naylor- Quicktime Photo Slideshow

1 comment July 12th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

Wrap-up for Outdoor Nationals

There is still no official word from World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) about the results from the 2006 WOR Ektelon National Outdoor Racquetball Championships (someone please publish some draws!). Here is a quick summary of what I could find on the forums at www.meetandplay.com:

Pro singles QF:

  • Carson over Freeze
  • Swain over Son
  • Solis over Johnson
  • Tilton over Jesus O.

Pro singles SF:

  • Swain over Solis in two tough games
  • Rocky over Willie

Pro doubles QF:

  • Rubes and Ellis come back in the breaker from 3-8 to pull it out over Ocana/Naylor
  • Carson/Hoff def. Andy Solis and partner
  • Mike Peters/ NY Jesus hold off a couple match points to beat Swain/Tucker 11-10 in the breaker
  • Lane/Solis def. Sostre/Freddy R. in two straight

Pro doubles SF:

  • Solis/Lane over Peters/Ustarroz
  • Hoff/Carson over Rubes/Elli


  • Soli-Clubber over Carson-Hoff MPD
  • McDonald-Knetch over Kaskawal-Rajsich WPD
  • Solis-Orasco over Fernandez-Waterworth MAD
  • Kiser-McMasters over Guido-Dylewski MMD 40+
  • Rajsich over Knetch WPS
  • Carson over Swain MPS
  • Sostre over Burg MOD
  • Landon over Fitzsimons MBD
  • Ivers over Ussery MAD
  • Barrera-Degree over Ocana-Pierce Mix Doubles
  • Bush over Grassl MS 50+
  • Medina-Beltran over ? MOD

2 comments July 11th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

First Rounds of Outdoor Nationals Complete

So far results have been sparse from the 2006 World Outdoor Racquetball Naitonal Championships.  It looks like there were some great matchups (and a few upsets), right at the get-go.  Here is a quick re-cap from Son at One Shot Sports (and I’ll give his RB clothing line a plug here, because I personally love his shirts and shorts):

Elli lost to Jeff Johnson in a breaker
Willie Tilton beat Sandello
Rocky beat Chris McDonald
Zeus beat Ruben Gonzalez in a breaker
Son beat Orosco
Swain beat tucker in a breaker
Freeze beat Sostre in a breaker
Solis beat Robinson

Swain/Tucker beat?
Rocky/Rob beat Dunn/Geis
Solis/Lane beat Gauci/Uhlrich
Elli/Gonzalez beat Son/Sandello in a breaker

July 7th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

Outdoor Racquetball Promo Video

In case you missed the banquet at the 2006 USA Racquetball National Singles Championships in Houston, TX, here is a link to the promo video by Royster Productions that was shown at the beginning of the ceremony to promote the World Outdoor Racquetball Tour (picture pro-caliber players diving on concrete):

July 6th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WOR Ektelon Outdoor Nationals is Coming!

Two of the largest events of the year are just around the corner. Start making plans now to compete in the 2006 WOR Western Regionals and the largest outdoor racquetball event of the year, the prestigious WOR-Ektelon Championships (July 7, 8, 9). Both events will be held at an exciting new venue. Marina Park in Huntington Beach, SoCal will host each event. The courts are currently being completely refurbished by the City of Huntington Beach and will be in prime playing condition for the upcoming events.

2006 Ektelon WOR Nationals Announcement

May 17th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

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