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Photos – 2005 Junior Nationals Galleries are Complete

All of the photos from the 2005 Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships have now been posted. From the 5500 shots in the original print gallery, I’ve narrowed down to the 1000 or so “best of the best”.

If anyone is still interested in prints of any of the photos, just use the contact link at the top of the page to send me an email. I just need the filenames you’re interested in (similar to B7AF1234.jpg in the gallery). Prints are now only offered on the 1000 shots in the current gallery.

Double Donut Gallery – 2005 Juinor Olympic Racquetball Championships

2 comments May 23rd, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

Photos – 2005 Jr. Nationals

After several requests for photos, I’ve been spending some time re-processing the galleries from the 2005 USAR Junior Olympic Championships. I offered on-site and internet based prints for the parents and players during this event, and never took the time to go back through the 5000+ shots to officially post them to my gallery. Now they are ready :)

As I spent much time shooting action on every court at Multnomah Athletic Club, there are many shots not grouped by match. You’ll see albums for these “misc” shots for boys and girls, for each day of the event (coming soon).

I was able to determine the player’s names and divisions for most of the matches, but there are a few I still need help with before I post the whole event online. Can anyone help me identify the athletes and division for the following shots:

Draws are here to help ..

Match 1 – Boys 16 Doubles – Aldana / Rojas vs. Isley / Sledzik (thanks Adam)(below)

Match 2 – Taken Sunday during round robin play. I’m not sure of the players or division. G10 – Lavely def. Vargas (thanks Adam) (below)

Match 3 – Taken Sunday during the finals. Boy’s 12 – Lee def. Rojas (thanks!) (below)

Match 4 – Taken Wednesday. Not sure of players or division. B14 – John Sanderson vs. Brad Kirch (thanks Kelley!) (below)

Match 5 – Taken Wednesday. I’m not positive about the players or division. B12 – Diaz def. Schopieray (thanks Spidey) (below):

Match 6 – Mixed doubles on Wednesday. Not sure of players or division. X16D – Sharon Jackson / Gavin Bennett vs. Andrew Embry / Emily Melgaard (thanks Kelley!)

Match 7 – Taken Thursday. Not sure of players or division. (below)

Feel free to post any info in the comments!

2 comments May 18th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

Printing Complete! – Junior Nationals

The final print orders from Junior Nationals were mailed out Wednesday morning via US Postal Service 1st Class Mail. The only exceptions are the 20×30″ poster orders which are still being filled by my lab.

Hope everyone enjoys the prints!

Also, I’m going to keep the discount active for the online sales until the all the pictures are taken down (which is still several weeks off).

July 7th, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

Status – Jr. Nationals Photos

4,800 photos are now online in the Print Galleries, covering matches from Wednesday to Sunday. Also included are photos from Personalized Match Coverage, Team, Awards, Sudsy / Vandy exibition, and the Banquet.

We have also mailed out the first batch of prints from orders taken at the event. Orders with large prints and/or custom graphics will go out shortly. Orders are also currently being processed that have come in from the website.

Thank you everyone for making this a great event for Double Donut Studios!

June 29th, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

Jr. National Print Gallery Update

So far, ~3,500 shots have made it into the galleries covering the player’s matches from Wednesday to Sunday. I am currently processing the remaining shots, and they will go online tonight.

They include:
- Personalized match coverage galleries
- Team / Group shots
- Award Shots- Banquet

June 28th, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

Jr. Nationals Galleries Uploading!

The galleries for ordering prints of players at the 2005 USA Racquetball Junior Olympic Championships are now being updated. The link to the galleries is:


see : http://flatchicken.fotki.com/double_donut_studios/2005_junior_nationals/ 

Photos are arranged by the day and time matches were played to help locate your player. The upload process will start with matches played on Wednesday, with Personalized match coverage and other events following.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process ..

June 27th, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

Galleries Processing – Junior Nationals

The final count on pictures for the weekend was ~7500. Of those, 5000-6000 will probably make it online.

I am working VERY hard to get everything online, and you will see the gallieries starting to populate with pictures soon.

Once the first matches are online, I will post another annoucment with a link, and also add a link to the “2005 Jr. Nationals” page.

June 27th, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

Online Gallery Posting for Junior Nationals

Thank you everyone for your great support during Junior Nationals. Each day at the event, we have been working FEAVERISHLY to get the photos online for everyone to see. So far, we’ve taken about 5,000 photos and made them available onsite for viewing and ordering. We anticipate having the completed galleries ready Sunday evening soon after the event ends.

As I’ve mentioned to everyone I’ve talked with, the web sale I offered during the event will be extended beyond the tournament weekend. For the next two weeks, all web orders over $75 will receive a 20% discount.

Also, I’m going to need help identifying all the kids in the photos so I can sort them by name. This will help friends and family locate pictures of their players. I’m going to offer some free prints to people who can help me out, so check back for details.

June 26th, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

Update – Photo Coverage for Junior Nationals

The final details have been added to the Event Page for the Double Donut Studios coverage of the 2005 USAR Junior National Championships.

Complete product offerings and prices, as well as links to the official galleries are now online.

Check out the 2005 Jr. Nationals Event Page for complete details.

June 21st, 2005 by Geoff Thomsen

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