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2008 WPRO Post-season Summary

As for the players on the IRT, I’ve also compiled a list of placements for the 10 top stops on the WPRO tour. It’s no doubt that Rhonda Rajsich ended up with the season title after not missing a single semifinal appearance in any Tier 1 or grand slam event, and then only missing two finals. A few of the top contenders missed several of the events throughout the season, including Christie Van Hees, Paola Longoria, and Brenda Kyzer.

    missed Quarters Semis Finals Champ
1 Rhonda Rajsich 0 10 10 8 5
2 Cheryl Gudinas Holmes 0 10 8 7 3
4 Angela Grisar 0 10 7 1  
3 Kerri Wachtel 0 10 7 1  
6 Paola Longoria 4 6 3 1 1
5 Kristen Bellows 0 10 3 1  
8 Brenda Kyzer 2 7      
7 Adrienne Fisher 1 6      
9 Christie Van Hees 8 2 2 1 1
12 Diane Moore - 3      
11 Jo Shattuck - 1      
10 Doreen Fowler - 2      
14 Vivian Gomez - 1      
18 Samantha Salas - 1      
27 Janell Wheeler - 1      

update 6/20: Changed rankings to reflect final 2007-2008 season standings

June 12th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Rhonda Rajsich on ESPN NEWS

As racquetball claws its way back into mainstream sports media, Rhonda Rajsich is scheduled to be interviewed in ESPN News to talk about dominating performance on the women’s pro tour this season.  If any is successful recording this, I’d love to have a copy to post on the site! Here’s a press release from Shannon Feaster of the WPRO:

#1 WPRO Pro Rhonda Rajsich will appear on ESPNEWS’ “The Pulse” this Saturday (May 3) between 1-3pm ET to discuss her recent victory in New Orleans at the 2008 Chemtech WPRO World Championship presented by Ektelon! Rhonda will also talk about her career accomplishments and how she got to be #1 in the world for the third straight time. Rajsich won the last four major WPRO events to close out the 2007-08 season. We will try to send an update on the approximate segment time if we can but please set your VCR’s, DVR’s and Tivo’s to record the show! For more information about Rhonda, visit her Web site at www.rhondarocks.com.

Next season’s schedule will be posted on the tour’s Web site the first week of June, so please check out www.wpro-tour.com to see when the top WPRO pro’s will be in a city near you! On behalf of the WPRO, thanks for your support an d we hope to see you soon.

May 1st, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

New Pro Contracts

‘Tis the time of year that the major equipment manufacturers start announcing any new contracts with Pro level players. This list is not comprehensive of all Pro players, as many are in the middle of existing contracts. Here is a quick summary:


  • Rhonda Rajsich – 2 year contract


  • Shane Vanderson – 3 year contract
  • Jason Thoerner – 3 year contract
  • Mike Guidry – 2 1/2 year contract
  • Mike Green – 2 year contract
  • Ryan Smith – 2 year contract


  • Kerri Wachtel

Pro Kennex:

  • Kane Waselenchuk (*** no official word has been released to date, but Kane has been seen on event posters with his new “Krowning Moment” racquet. It appears to be his own line, produced by Pro Kennex – as noted by the Pro Kennex logo on the posters and racquet stencil)



I’ll update this list as any new information surfaces ..

3 comments April 22nd, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen

Chemtech WPRO World Championships presented by Ektelon – Finals

Well folks, I wish I could tell you that I was in New Orleans for the final match as I figured, based on the way they were playing, that it would be something special, and from the scores and brief description that I’ve received, it certainly was.

The winner of the 2008 Chemtech WPRO World Championships presented by Ektelon, and the #1 player on the tour for the third time in her career is Rhonda Rajsich (Phoenix, AZ). She won the final in what looks like a true battle scores were 11-6, 2-11, 8-11, 13-11, 11-4, so as you can see both ladies had to have been playing extremely well. This is logical since they both had played so well just to reach the finals, especially in the manner that each did. Each woman only lost 1 game on their road to the final.

This concludes the 2007/2008 WPRO season and I thank you for your support!

April 21st, 2008 by Adam Katz

Chemtech WPRO World Championships presented by Ektelon – Quarters / Semis

Chemtech WPRO World Championships presented by Ektelon Quarterfinals

First up on the show court was the match between World #2, Cheryl Gudinas Holmes (Naperville, IL) and World #7, Brenda Kyzer (Leesville, SC). It took Cheryl a little while to find her rhythm in this one, so Brenda used that to her advantage for an early lead. And then Cheryl slowly started chipping away and finding her zone. Brenda tried to hold her off with her some strong passing shots, but Cheryl now had her own precision game firing on all cylinders. Brenda had some solid moments throughout this match, but Cheryl seemed to want it a little more , and so she was able to close out each game with her precise shooting from all over the court. She’s now on to the semifinals later this afternoon.

The match between World #3, Angela Grisar (Santiago, Chile) and World #6, Paola Longoria (San Luis Poteci, Mexico) started at the same time on the very next court. This one started as a battle of wills as both ladies came out shooting lights out trying to impose their own will on this match. As the first game progressed, Paola continued to keep the pressure on with some amazing pinches and powerful passes that finally enabled her to pull out the first game with a late run to 11. That win seemed to energize Paola as she sprinted to an 8-2 lead in the second game. Angela dug deep to hold her, but now the crowd coul d sense that Paola was on a mission and she wasn’t going to stop until a spot in the semifinals had been earned. Angela gave it all she had, but Paola was not to be denied and is on her way to a meeting with Cheryl Gudinas Holmes.

Next up was the match between World #4, Kerri Wachtel (Cincinnati, OH) and World #5, Kristen Bellows (Salt Lake City, UT). These two seem to meet at every stop so most everyone knew that this wouldn’t be over in three games and these ladies didn’t disappoint. Both players came out shooting strong with excellent placement, but Kristen’s serves seemed to have a bit more in them to start and she was able to pull out the first game, 12-10. That got Kerri fired up as she came out with her usual strong placement in the second game. Both players were playing extremely well, but Kerri started to take control and was able to sweep the l ast three games, all very close but Kerri just had a little extra at the end of each game.

The last quarterfinal match had World#1, Rhonda Rajsich (Phoenix, AZ) playing World #8, Adrienne Fisher (Centreville, OH) for the right to face Kerri Wachtel later on this afternoon. To say that Rhonda came out on fire is a true understatement. She simply couldn’t miss and she rolled to the first game. But Adrienne dug deep and trailing 7-10 in the second game starting hitting some incredible shots of her own. She went on the run that would get the second game and kept Rhonda diving and guessing throughout. The crowd was starting to sense that they were watching something special and the third game proved to be a point for point battle as each player was now hitting extremely well, and Rhonda seemed to be diving wi th almost every rally. In the end she grabbed the all important 2-1 game lead with the 13-11 win. That only fired her up as she raced to an 8-2 lead in the fourth. Adrienne fought back once again after Rhonda replayed a match point that was called in her favor. Adrienne got it back to seven but went no further. And so Rhonda moves on to the semifinals.

The first semifinal featured World #2, Cheryl Gudinas Holmes and World #6, Paola Longoria and this one was a fantastic match. Paola came out shooting everything in sight and raced to 3-0 and 7-2 leads. Cheryl changed things up and slowly gained the momentum as she was hitting some great passes and pinches to keep Paola off balance. Once she got the lead, she carried it straight through until 4-0 in the 3rd game. At that point, Paola started changing things up herself, as she regained that early fire when she couldn’t miss. Up until that moment, it appeared that Cheryl might sweep, but Paola had other ideas and she fought back to take the third game. The crowd was very happy as they were truly enjoying this match as both players were on fire. As the players walked onto the court for the fourth game, Cheryl had a look in her eyes that indicated she was ready for the moment. Hitting solid serves and incredible shots, she inched her way up to match point and then Paola fought back. Forcing a couple of sideouts, she tried to get herself back into the game, but Cheryl could see the finish line and wasn’t about to let up. Finally, on her third attempt, she was able to end it and move on to tomorrow’s Championship Match.

The second semifinal featured World #1, Rhonda Rajsich and World #4, Kerri Wachtel and this one also was a great match. Rhonda came out hitting solid, especially with her serve as she raced to a 7-0 lead, but Kerri wasn’t about to just give this match away. Slowly she inched her way back, but the initial lead and Rhonda’s athleticism eventually put this game away. Kerri tried to change things up as the second game began, but Rhonda was moving extremely well and her serves were certainly “on fire”. Kerri continued to fight through this one, but Rhonda could see the finals and she just kept putting on the pressure. Kerri kept the games close, but she couldn’t find the serves at the end of each game and so Rhonda was able to close it out and move on to the finals.

So it comes down to #1 versus #2 here at the 2008 Chemtech WPRO World Championships presented by Ektelon. Considering the season that both ladies have had, it is certainly fitting that they should meet with this Grand Slam Title on the line. They have met many times this season and many times over the past few years, so you can be sure that it will be a great match. Tune in at Noon Central Time as this is one you won’t want to miss. Check it out at:


April 21st, 2008 by Adam Katz

RB Update

Just wanted to send congratulations out to Kara Mazur, University of Alabama, and Tony Carson, Colorado State University – Pueblo, for their victories last weekend in the #1 Gold Division at Intercollegiates. Those wins have earned each a 1 year appointment to the US National Team.

Still awaiting word if Kara will now go on to New Orleans and the Chemtech WPRO World Championships presented by Ektelon April 17-20. This one will be a great event as Rhonda Rajsich and Cheryl Gudinas Holmes fight it out for the coveted year end #1 ranking. You can enter online for this one at:


The IRT is currently in Tijuana, Mexico, and 3 Herrera’s have made the main draw. Last week’s beaten finalist from the Men’s #1 Gold, Anthony Herrrera, has rebounded nicely to qualify into the main draw where he plays Rocky Carson.

There are some great matches slated for this tournament this weekend, so check out the results at:


This all leads up to the Big One…The Motorola IRT Pro Nationals presented by Verizon Wireless. All I can say is, get to Chicago if you can. Rocky Carson and Jack Huczek will be bringing all they have to win the year end #1 ranking. The brand new Lucite Court will make its debut and ESPN360 will be there, as well as ESPN Classic. You can check out the website at:


entry forms are available at that site. I didn’t see an online entry there, but you can download the form. If I can find the online entry, I will send that along.

April 4th, 2008 by Geoff Thomsen


Lots of racquetball action coming up in the days and weeks ahead. First, the Choice Hotels US OPEN from November 2007 starts airing with Quarterfinal #1 tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 6) at 9pm Eastern Time on the Tennis Channel. If you get the Tennis Channel, check it out!

Update: The Tennis Channel has revised their scheduling and the Choice Hotels US OPEN will not air tonight as previously reported. The first installment is now scheduled to air on Wed. Feb 20 at 9pm Eastern Time. Check out the following link to better track the schedule on the Tennis Channel.


Then the WPRO is in Tempe, AZ for the Ektelon Fireball Rollout this coming weekend Feb 7-10. You can follow the draws at the following link:


The following weekend will be the USAR National Doubles Championships also in Tempe, AZ. You can follow all the action at the following link:


Also, Racquetballonline.tv will be there showing all the best matches…check them out at:


As a reminder, Jacqueline Paraiso and Aimee Ruiz are the defending champions in the Women’s Qualifying Division and there is plenty of stiff competition as they try to repeat. Current WPRO #1 Rhonda Rajsich will team with Janel Tisinger once again, WPRO #2 Cheryl Gudinas Holmes will team with former Junior Team member, Shannon Inglesby, Kristin Walsh and Kim Russell-Walselenchuk will also be in the hunt.

The Men’s Qualifying Division has some interesting pairings as the defending champions, Ben Croft and Mitch Williams will split up and play with their usual partners, Woody Clouse and Jason Thoerner, respectively. It’ll be interesting to see how the seedings play out as 2006 champions, Rocky Carson and Jack Huczek return looking to regain the crown. Also in the fray will be John Ellis along with Junior Team Member Jose Rojas, fresh off his gold-silver performance at Junior Worlds in the 16s and 18s respectively.

Not playing in the Qualifying division, but still returning to competitive play will be one of the legends of the sport as Cliff Swain has entered the Men’s 40s and the Mixed Open.

Closing out a very busy February, the IRT will be at the Washington Athletic Club for the Seattle Open Feb 21-24, check out their website for further information at:


The USAR Junior Nationals will run June 25-29 at the Big C Athletic Club in Concord, CA. At the current time, I am uncertain of my attendance as I am trying to go to Beijing this coming August for the Summer Olympics.

Team Colorado will be raffling off a framed jersey autographed by one of the following Colorado sports players: Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, or Joe Sakic in order to help pay for the trip out to Junior Nationals. At the current time, I am not sure which jersey will be made for raffle as I won’t be getting those until early March during a dinner at the Pepsi Center. Once details are finalized I will let everyone know how they can obtain tickets.

That’s all for now.

February 5th, 2008 by Adam Katz

WPRO – Upsets galore!

The women’s draw this weekend got TOTALLY out of control at the Outback Blast it! Pro Am! Rhonda starts out a TOUGH first round with tour up-and-comer Paola Longoria. Rhonda would go on to win this round and the next vs. Tammy Brown, both in four games. Samantha Salas upsets Diane Moore in five games, and then goes on again to upset Angela Grisar in four for a meet-up with Rhonda in the seminfianls. Rhonda continues went her standard four-game match to defend her number one ranking in the finals.

The bottom half of the draw is ALL KERRI WACHTEL (#14 seed)! She starts her run of upsets early by taking out Kristen Walsh in the 16′s. Brenda Kyzer was her quarterfinal victim, followed by CHERYL GUDINAS in the semifinals! GREAT WIN for Kerri. I admit I haven’t seen her play much, but being absent from the pro tour and then returning to BEAT Cheryl Gundinas is pretty impressive in my book.

Has anyone been watching the Mixed Pro Doubles at this event? The draws look awesome! I wonder if there’s any chance to see some of the live streaming with that event.

September 16th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WPRO – Live Event Video Streaming

Just in case you may have overlooked my link to the live video streaming at this weekend’s WPRO stop, here it is again – www.racquetballonline.tv.  I’m watching a match right now, and the quality is GREAT!  It’s gonna be hard to stay focused on work today!

Schedule of Pro Matches (times EST?):

  • Round of 32: Friday 12:00pm-3:45pm
  • Round of 16: Friday 5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:30pm, 8:45pm
  • Quarterfinals: Saturday 11:00am, 12:15pm
  • Semifinals: Saturday 4:00pm, 5:15pm
  • Finals: Sunday 12:00pm

September 15th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WPRO – And we’re off!

After what seems to have been the LONGEST off-season ever, the professional athletes on the Womens’ Professional Racquetball Organization are back in action this weekend at the Outback Blast It! Pro-Am in Fayetteville, NC (live internet video feeds! See links below!).  Rhonda Rajsich returns as the number #1 ranked player on the tour to defend her title against an always tough draw.  One item to note is the absence of Christie Van Hees, who is rumored to have started a new job which prevents her from traveling as much.  Will we see her at other stops this season?

If the top eight ranked women make it to the quarterfinals this weekend, the matchup’s will be:

  • Q1: Rhonda Rajsich (1) vs. Tammy Brown (8)
  • Q2: Angela Grisar (4) vs. Diane Moore (5)
  • Q3: Kristen Walsh (3) vs. Brenda Kyzer (6)
  • Q4: Cheryl Gudinas (2) vs. Jo Shattuck (7)


September 11th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WPRO – Pro Nationals Re-Cap

Brenda Kyzer re-caps the action at the 2006 WPRO Wilson Pro Nationals Racquetball Championships, in Boise, ID:

“You know by now that I can put my 2 cents in – and usually do – but only just trying to get the good word of women’s racquetball out there.

The matches were the best I had seen in a while. The round of 16 saw two 5 gamers for top 10 players. Tammy Brown played Kersten Hallander. The first game Tammy came out with a smoking gun and stunned Kersten. Kersten rebounded and took the next one. The rest of the games flip flopped – Tammy took game 3, Kersten took game 4 and then Tammy eventually put her away in game 5 allowing Kersten to only score 5 points.

The other 5 gamer was Kristen Walsh playing against the 19 year old Mexican, Samantha Salas. I usually don’t like to sit and watch matches before I play (that match was at 5:15 and mine was at 6:30) but it was such a good match that I couldn’t pull myself away. Samantha played great and gave Kristen all that she could handle and more. However it was experience and better training that decided this match. Samantha appeared to get tired in the last two games and that’s what made the difference. But again – it was a great match. Samantha gave it everything she had.

The rest of the round of 16 was basically uneventful. Rhonda played Karen Morton in a four game match. I think Karen shocked Rhonda in the first game, but then Rhonda got down to business in the last 3 games. Diane Moore won a tough 4 gamer over Lori-Jane Powell. It was another intense match with both players being accurate shooters and each had to rely on who made more mistakes to win the match. I played Adrienne Fisher. It was a hard hitting 4 game match. Possibly a combination of things could be credited to my win – better physical condition on my part and Adrienne’s recent lack of court time. Suzy Acosta – not having attended a pro event since the US Open – shocked Jo Shattuck in a tough fought 4 game match.

The Quarters had some great matches too but the game tally on each match doesn’t necessarily tell the story except for the Tammy/Rhonda match. Man was that a great match. It was another flip flop of games with Rhonda winning the first, third and fifth and Tammy winning the 2nd and 4th. Tammy played great and had Rhonda on the ropes at times. But in the end, it was Rhonda that strung together a couple of good shots to close the match. I lost to the Queen of Accuracy – Cheryl Gudinas. I believe she skipped 3 balls in the 3 games and really didn’t make any mistakes that I can recall. I didn’t feel so bad though because later in the day – she did the same thing to Kristen Walsh in the semi final match. Suzy continued her good play in the quarters against Kristen and pushed it out to four games, but didn’t have quite enough to take it any farther. Angela played Diane Moore and although it was a good match, Angela put Diane away in 3 games.

The Saturday evening semi’s was the top four playing each other and really – wasn’t the best semi’s I had ever seen. Both matches went just 3 games each with Cheryl dominating Kristen and Rhonda did the same to Angela. But….the buzz started right there – wondering who would dominate in the finals on Sunday because both Cheryl and Rhonda were playing so well. I figured it would come down to mental toughness.

I had a 1:30pm flight to catch so I didn’t get to watch the finals but heard it was very exciting. I talked today with someone (just a fan) that watched the entire match and said it was great. Congrats to Cheryl on the win and to Rhonda for hanging in there and grabbing the #1 rank for the end of the season.

The tournament in general was great. The amateur draw was not that big but the players were enthusiastic about the women being there and supported each match. As previously anticipated prior to the start of the tournament, Tammy Brown and her mother, Sharon Brockbank did a wonderful job accommodating the women in all aspects of the tournament. On Thursday, Sharon arranged some pre-tournament events that the women took part in. Rhonda, Jo and myself went to the downtown YMCA and taught some racquetball to nine, 9th and 10th grade students from a junior high. At first it started slow and those kids looked like it was going to be the worse field trip they had ever attended, but 2 hours later we couldn’t get them off the courts – it was great. 8 out of the 9 signed up for a summer league. Two other groups attended two different hospitals and visited cancer patients. Everyone really enjoyed the visits. Pictures taken at all pre-tournament events were posted at the tournament site during the weekend.

On Thursday night we had pro-am sponsored doubles. A total of 14 teams split in to 2 divisions and played a round robin. The winner of each division played each other. Vivian Gomez and her partner, Rabbit (sorry, don’t know his last name) came out the winners. Vivian with her wicked lefty forehand and Rabbit was a very good player – made a great team and just basically ran everyone off the courts. Congrats to them.

The Piper Pub (one of the major sponsors) in downtown Boise hosted a lunch for us on Thursday afternoon. It was great. We headed back there on several occasions for different meals. On Saturday night the Pub hosted a player party and it rocked!!! A live band on the outside of the club played some great music and fun was had by all. Pat and Dave Ellis were in attendance and of course if you know Dave Ellis – where there is music and women willing to dance – he’s there. Man can he dance.

The weather couldn’t have been prescribed any better. It stayed in the mid 80′s and no clouds in the sky. Got some sun bathing in in between matches on Saturday. Got to go check out the Boise State University “Blue Turf” Football Stadium. It’s the only blue turf field in the whole world – at least that’s what the website says. It was pretty cool. Boise is a beautiful town. Surrounded by mountains that still a just a little snow on top of them. Being originally from Miami – anytime I get to see that kind of scenery – I just love it.

The club was very nice and of course so were the people. Thanks again for a great event and we look forward to returning to this venue next year.

Double Donut – hope this is what you are looking for. Guvner – really missed you and Marcia. Take care and have a great summer.”

- Brenda Kyzer

Copyright 2006 Brenda Kyzer

1 comment May 17th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WPRO – Pro Nationals

This weekend marked the end of the WRPO regular season with the completion of the 2006 WPRO Wilson Pro Nationals Racquetball Championships in Boise, ID.

Details are still sparse as to the play of the competitors, but the semifinals results are:

S1: Rajsich(1) def. Grisar(4) – (3 games)
S2: Gudians(2) def. Walsh(3) – (6, 6, 3)

Internet Rumor?: Rhonda’s semifinal win earned her enough points to achieve the WPRO year-end #1 finish! Congratulations to Rhonda!

And the results of the finals:

Finals – Gudinas(2) def. Rajsich(1) – (8, (6), (3), 8, 5)
Congrats to Cheryl for such a strong finish this season!

**If anyone has the scores from the semifinals or finals, please leave them in the comments so I can add them to the post.

May 15th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WPRO – Pro Nationals Update

The 2006 WPRO Pro Nationals Racquetball Championships in Boise, ID has completed action through the quarterfinal rounds. The lone upset was in the bottom half of the draw in the 16′s, with Susy Acosta defeating Jo Shattuck in four games.

The results of the quarterfinals are:
Q1: Rajsich(1) def. Brown(8) - (5, (9), 9, (4), 7)
Q2: Grisar(4) def. Moore(5) - (1, 9, 9)
Q3: Walsh(3) def. Acosta - (7, (11), 2, 12)
Q4: Gudinas def. Kyzer(7) - (5, 5, 1)

The semifinal rounds are scheduled for Saturday at 4pm and 6pm.

Internet rumor #1: Gudinas or Rajsich will take the year-end #1 spot – depending on who finishes higher at this event.

Internet rumor #2: If Gudinas and Rajsich both make it to the finals, Gudinas has enough points to capture the year-end #1 regardless of finishing first or second in this event.

May 13th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

WPRO – Draws Posted

The draws have been posted for the 2006 WPRO Pro Nationals Racquetball Championships in Boise, ID. If the top seeds all advance to the quarterfinals, the match-ups will look like:

Q1: Rajsich(1) vs. Brown(8) Sat. 12pm
Q2: Grisar(4) vs. Moore(5) Sat. 12pm
Q3: Walsh(3) vs. Shattuck(6) Sat. 10am
Q4: Gudinas(2) vs. Kyzer(7) Sat. 10am

Current Rankings:

Rank Name Points
1 Van Hees, Christie 780
2 Rajsich, Rhonda 681
3 Gudinas, Cheryl 639.525
4 Grisar, Angela 417.625
5 Walsh, Kristen 407.5
6 Moore, Diane 259.5
7 Shattuck, Jo 220.375
8 Kyzer, Brenda 211.875
9 Brown, Tammy 204
10 Fenton, Laura 172.5

Where’s Christie in the draws? Is she so far ahead that she doesn’t have to play this last event to maintain #1? Hmmmm ..

Internet Rumor #1: The points race is close enough that either Cheryl or Rhonda could capture a year-end #1 with a win in Boise.

Internet Rumor #2: Christie no-shows at a Wilson sponsored event.

2 comments May 12th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen


Rhonda takes Denver! – The WPRO stop in Denver, CO ended with gold for Rhonda Rajsich. After four close games in a semifinal win over Kristen Walsh, Rajsich fired through the finals beating Cheryl Gudinas in three. In the other semifinal match, Gudinas overcame a 2-1 game deficit to beat Angela Grisar.

New Commish! -

Shannon Feaster, long-time participant and promoter of the Women’s Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO), has been elected to serve as its new Commissioner. For more than 20 years, the Maryland-based marketing executive has been committed to enhancing the growth and potential of women’s racquetball.

See www.ladiesproracquetball.com for complete details ..

February 7th, 2006 by Geoff Thomsen

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